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What we offer

Data Driven

– Measurements through the whole campaign on all platforms
– Goals turned into KPIs turned into result driven marketing
– Managed trading services
– Online consultant services

Trading desk

– State of the art tech and toolbox
– DSP depending on client and campaign goals
– DMP and multiple data sources
– Programmatic, Social Media, Youtube, DOOH and more
– GoogelAds/Adwords, Apple Search Ads etc

Programmatic DSP

– Video
– Display
– Inbanner video
– Dynamic banner solutions
– Retargeting
– Our sources

Social Media & Influencers

– Facebook
– Instagram
– LinkedIn
– Youtube
– Influencer Platform

We are a plug and play distribution agency


Plug us in and get an in-house distribution agency

Dimension46 offers

1. Programmatic Buying/Data Driven Marketing
We have long experience in setting up strategies, and to execute data driven programmatic campaigns. We work with both branding and tactical campaigns for B2B and B2C companies. Our digital marketing toolbox is always evolving to ensure best results for our customers.

We work with SEO and SEM for small to large companies, tailor making strategies and executing them on a high level. We also have the possibility to measure and connect these marketing efforts with our programmatic platform.

3. Social Media/Influencers
We work with platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. We also offer influencer campaigns via our Influencer Platform.

How we compare

Dimension46 vs the competitors

Dimension46 number of SSP:s
Competitor number of SSP:s
Dimension46 amount of proprietary first party data
Competitor amount of proprietary first party data

Why choose Dimension46?

Our three main reasons

1. We have the most advanced tech in the industry
Our trading desk is the most advanced trading desk that can handle both display and video programmatic campaigns. It is transparent and direct which means that we have cut all ”middle men” in order to give your business best ”bang for the buck”.

2. We use real global data from people who are about to buy your products
With data from our data partners, including Ve Interactive, we have unmatched ability to pinpoint your audience.

3. We have the most experience in the industry
Programmatic advertising is new and we have been a part on its development for the last 8 years. We have seen all the good and bad examples of programmatic and have fine tuned strategies to make your business successful.

How can data fueled programmatic advertising help you?

Dimension46 helps you expand your business

1. Find new customers where they really are, not where you think they are.
Programmatic driven advertising put bids on your audience and connect your business to real customers. This makes your campaigns much more effective and you don’t have to waste any money.

2. We cherry pick your audience
By using data we build a profile for your business. This way we will find your customers when they are looking for your type of products.

3. Grow your business with new clients and get real ROI
With more that 8 years’ experience in programmatic advertising we will help to grow your business and get real ROI.

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